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Star Light, Star Bright…


Last year, my sisters and I went to Keepsake Quilting‘s tent sale.  It was my first foray into the quilting world.  There were women going through boxes upon boxes of scraps, a tent full of patterns, kits, and fabric by the yard (a very generous yard at that).  I picked up a quilt kit and two patterns.

That kit turned out to be the Starshine Quilt by Creative Sewlutions.  The kit was full of blue batiks– featuring light blue stars, a beige lattice, and wonderful navy background fabrics.Image

I started piecing it over the summer.  Image

There were lots of half-square triangles to deal with, and I did not have a 1/4″ foot at the time, so, alas, my corners do not all match.ImageImage

But they came out pretty okay.  Today I finished up the other squares and started piecing the stars!


Just look at those swirling stars!  I love it!  Such a great way to take my mind  off things before school starts up again on Monday.   I do love a good distraction– especially when it’s a productive one!


A New Hobby


Since the new year I have started quilting.  I started out by  cutting and piecing the bricks for a full sized quilt based on this one.  It will be full of some wonderfully bright batiks I picked up from Keepsake Quilting with my sisters.  I decided not to assemble the top, however, because I was afraid it would be far too unwieldy to quilt on my own.  I have since finished a mini-quilt based on this tutorial where I got in some practice with straight-line quilting.  I quilted and bound the whole thing during Winter Storm Nemo after school was cancelled for the day.

I’ve got the bug now, though.  I decided to pull out my bricks last night and lay out the design.  Now I’m piecing the bricks into blocks of four bricks which I will connect up after.  Unfortunately, part of the reason I stopped the piecing before was that I did not have a 1/4 inch foot, so I eyeballed the piecing of the bricks (which I’m not sure were cut all that well to begin with).  A lot of them are off by up to 1/8 inch.  I’m hoping that constructing the blocks in this way, unlike the tutorial where they are assembled in strips will help me to get a more even quilt.  The batiks are hiding the abnormalities a bit, but I would like to have the corners as tight as possible.


I’ll post pictures later.  Unfortunately, I left my camera at my parents’ house over Christmas and will not be able to get it back until the weekend.