A New Project


Sometimes– okay, most times– I buy fabric without a specific goal in mind.  Such was the case on Black Friday.  I go out because JoAnn’s is having a sale and I can get some stuff that I need.  I get there and there are some cute Christmas prints.  This is clearly a sign from the heavens as I do not often like themes or prints.  I buy them.  I bring them home.  I’m browsing the interwebs in an attempt to get some inspiration when it strikes!  I’m going to make a giant eight-pointed star out of half-square triangles.  I’m going to echo it twice.  After some sketching and some math I come up with this:Image

I’ve since been working on this thing through all of the craziness of life.  And here is the progress:ImageImage

I’ve pieced a bit more.  And I am superduperflipping excited.


Fabrics: Assorted “Holiday Inspirations” from Jo-Ann Fabrics, Kona White
Piecing Thread: Coats and Clark, 30 wt, 100% Mercerized Cotton, White #1
Finished Size: Who knows?!?!


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