Q3 Finish Along List


Hello, there! Well, my Q1 FAL at The Littlest Thistle did not go so hot.  No finishes that quarter.  And I missed the Q2 link up entirely, which is fine as I didn’t finish anything then, either.  But now it’s summer!  Magical summer when I have so much time it’s nearly unbearable.  (I LOVE IT!)

So, in addition to a summer band and chorus, I will be hiking, trekking, redesigning curriculum, building a patio, building a sewing/quilting table, and finishing things!

Candidates for finishing this quarter are:

  1. Heather’s Wedding Quilt (still in need of a proper name)– the piecing is done, but I need to perfect my freemotion skills before I can quilt the giant.
  2. Christmas quilt– I was working on a big Christmas-colored star around the holidays, I may whip out that basket and start up again.
  3. My Parent’s pinwheel quilt– This one’s been on the back burner since last fall.  The biggest setback came when I realized that I had only made half as many blocks as I actually needed.  I should really pick it up again and get it done.
  4. My own Modern Totems quilt– I just adore M-R’s design.
  5. A scrap quilt with leftovers from the wedding quilt and/or the reject strip pieces from the first attempt.
  6. Rainbow Bricks– The quilting on this was put off in favor of new projects, but I want my own quilt!
  7. Starshine– Just needs quilting, but I have no ideas for it yet.
  8. The green and purple quilt kit I just purchsed
  9. Fall “Spin Cycle” quilt from connecting threads.  This one would be just in time for the new season.

Baby Stuff for the new grandniece/nephew

  1. Crocheted baby blanket (Also in need of a proper name)– This probably doesn’t count, but I’m working on it so it’s going here.  Right now it looks like I’ll need about 10 more rounds to finish (read: 11 hours).  Sounds like a great rainy day project with a bunch of movies.
  2. An elephant mobile–It will be made of felt and have various cheery fabrics for ears.  Totally a stitchy make, so it counts.


  1. Black speckled wrap dress– Pattern and fabric chosen.  Now to cut and sew.
  2. Purple knit dress– In the same state as above, although, additionally, I am terrified of sewing knits.
  3. Solid knit dress– the pattern is chosen, but I am waffling on the rest
  4. The two batik skirts– The purple one is not only set aside, It’s been cut for a year!  I just have to stitch it together!  The red-violet fabric is chosen, but not cut yet.
  5. The dream white knit top.  It is insanely needed to wear with the above skirts.
  6. Any of the 5 knit tops I bought fabric and a pattern for this morning.
  7. Two cream and print a-line skirts
  8. Yellow eyelet a-line skirt
  9. Grey and silver polka dot skirt
  10. Brown polka dot skirt
  11. Black paisley-ish skirt

Wow.  6 WIP’s and quite a few clothing plans.  I may have until October 6th to work on Q3, but with all my school stuff starting up in September, I’m really looking at a two-month timetable.  Just a bit over-enthusiastic, I guess.  Sorry this post is free of any eye-candy,my fabrics are spread between two houses at the moment.  I know that the list sounds vague, but I promise, I have actually committed to all of these items over the past few years and have fabric and patterns for all of them.  Wicked scary, right? I guess I had better get to work!!!

Another goal for this summer is to be more present here on the blog.  I’m thinking of joining some linky’s like WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.




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