2017: Back In Blogging Action


Hello, world!  It’s been a while. I’ve spent some time away because I had very limited time, and I prefer actual making to blogging about making.  Things have calmed down a bit and now I’m back for the 2017 Finish Along.


Since I’ve been away so long, I do not have many current pictures of projects, so this post will lack eye candy.  I’ve got some old pics I can use, otherwise, you’ll have to be patient and wait until my “Finished” posts for those pretty pictures.

Without further ado:  The 2017 FAL List!

  • Shabby Fabrics “Count On It” Wall Hanging Club
    This is my first foray into applique.  It may be a bit ambitious, but it’s so cute! I also think that the completed blocks will make a great Christmas present for my parents.  The pieces come laser cut and pre-fused, so all I have to do it lay the pieces out, iron to fuse, and machine stitch around the edges of the pieces.  Each moth they ship next month’s kit, so I should receive February, March, and April in time for the end of Q1.
  • The Lattice Quilt

    This quilt has been in the works a long time.  We were hot and heavy for a while, and it was blogged about two years ago with potential for a tutorial.  Seems I owe you guys.  But after some time apart (the single blocks got quite boring after a while), I finished the top!  Now it’s time for the quilting.

  • Autumn Spin Cyclelayout
    This one has also been kicking around a while.  After some time on the shelf, the its been sewn together and got borders and now it’s a completed top!  This one is going to get longarm quilted by me with a leaf pantograph of some kind.
  • Arcade Quilt
    When I saw the cover of the 2016 Winter edition of Quilts & More, I just had to make this quilt!  I’ve loved Sherri’s Dessert Bloom fabrics since she started posting pictures of her projects.  I grabbed 2 layer cakes and a charm pack fir santa to bring me for Christmas and I’ve already stitched all of the quarter-square triangles together.  Now I have to cut the sashing and piece the quilt.  I changed the dimensions a bit so that I’ll end up with a queen sized quilt– hopefully for my parents.
    Back in 2012, Quokka Quilts hosted the Quilt As You Go, Free- Motion, Quilt ALong— an effort to practice FMQ and put those practice blocks to work in an actual quilt.  Inspired by that style, I purchased a bunch of solids from connecting threads and sewed up slightly larger blocks for the task (bigger is always better, right?)  My blocks have 8 in squares sashed by 3 1/2 inch strips.  Once I quilt them they will all get cut down to about 12 inches finished and sewn together in the QAYG style.  This is a skill builder with no true deadline, it may not actually get finished for years, but a good burst of energy and inspiration is always around the corner
  • Ric Rac PaddyWack Rag Quilt
    This is a necessity.  I’ve been freezing through this New England Winter and I need a nice, thick, heavy quilt to keep me warm.  I found the perfect fabrics at my LQS and chopped them and the batting up over the weekend.  This could be finished within the week!

Other UFOs on the shelf:

  • Kim Diehl Scrappy Quilt
    This one has been on the shelf for a while and, honestly, I’m lacking the inspiration for it.  Currently, all the fabric has been cut, sewn and cut again, and about 30% of the fabrics have been sewn back together into their final form.  This one isn’t on a deadline.
  • Bargello Table Runner
    I purchased the fabrics for this one over the summer, but I haven’t started it yet.
  • Red and White Double Irish Chain
    This quilt was cut over the summer and the 25 patch squares are all assembled.  All that’s left is finishing the mostly white background blocks and assembling the top, but I’m a bit burned out on this one.
  • Blue and Green Crosshatch Quilt

    This one got started back in 2013 and I made steady progress on it… until I realized I did my math wrong and had only made half the blocks I intended.  This one has been abandoned for quite a while now.

  • Rainbow Stars Quilt
    This is the first quilt pattern I ever bought.  I eventually saved the money to get the ombre fabrics for the top, but was afraid to start it.  I have yet to feel the inspiration for this one.

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