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Regailing the trials and tribulations of various projects.

Stops and Starts


Well, it’s been a while since my last post.  Partially because I started grad school and haven’t had time to get much done, and partially because I’d much rather actually craft than write about it, if I only have one choice.

With that said, I’ve gotten a bunch of things started.

Currently on my needles:


A simple tube scarf for a friend om my niece’s.  The scarf is knit in the round, then flattened and the ends are stitched together to form a scarf that’s twice as thick and super warm.  This particular pattern may be boring, but it’s perfect for faculty meetings and movie watching– just enough to keep the hands busy.

Currently on my machine:


About two weeks ago, I started working with these great fabrics.  I cur them up into 2 1/2″x5″ rectangles and stitched them into pairs.


Those pairs got stitched to 9 1/2″ rectangles, then those were sewed onto 5″x5″ squares. To make lovelies like this:


A planning/measuring issue threatened to derail the whole project when I went to sew up my first block and realized that the 1/4″ seam matching the colored blocks together had thrown off my entire design!  Luckily, by making my outer muslin pieces 3″ wide, I was able to save it.  It makes the colored sections a bit narrower than I intended, but I like it anyway.  Also, It means that I didn’t have to go back and cut 1/4″ off each end of the colored blocks.  I would not have been happy with that.

Now I have 7 of the 56 total blocks necessary to make this into a queen sized quilt.  Why can’t I ever do anything easy?  What’s wrong with a nice table runner? Or a pillow? Or a flipping key fob?  Why, simply, that they aren’t all that functional!

Currently on my mind:


This lovely box of joy arrived in the mail from Connecting Threads just yesterday!  Look at all of that wonder!  I’ve got a quilt kit, enough strips to make a second of that quilt, a kit for an advent calendar and one for some ADORABLE felt stocking ornaments!  I can not WAIT to start this stuff!

With all of that said, the school year started today, so I, unlike every other quilter in the apparent universe, have way LESS time to quilt as I am busy with all of the teaching and grad schooling that has to keep going on.  Alas.  At least I have my dreams.


What Can You Accomplish in a Day?


Over the course of about twelve hours I cast on and completed the tam for my sister.  It knit up quick and cam out really well.  Another bright spot was finding out that I can totally rock a tam.  Now I’ve got to knit one for myself.  But that’s a project for another day.  Tonight I will keep working on my Vortex Spiral Afghan.  Back to the lacework!

New Skill Aquired: Kitchener Stitch


I was finally finishing up my niece’s Norwegian Snowflake Scarf, a colorwork piece knit in the round from both ends, the joined in the middle.  It needed to be grafted using the kitchener stitch.  May I just say: super easy.  The only thing you need to focus on is pulling your yarn tight.  Really, do the world a favor and keep it tight.  If you are looking for a how-to, I used this YouTube video from the Knit Witch and found it to be incredibly helpful.

Norwegian Snowflake Scarf

Overall, I am very happy with the scarf.  It was my first attempt at colorwork, which meant that I had to learn to knit with my right hand.  Once I got the hang of that, however, it knit right up!

Christmas is Coming


I have a relatively large family, which can make the holidays a overwhelming– both emotionally and financially.  To help with the second, if not the first, all of the adults in the family pick only one person to buy for with a $20 spending cap.  We usually find out well in advance who our yearly […]